About Autohex II WVCI New Hardware HW3

Microtronik hardware engineers released the WVCI HW3 recently, many existing customers are asking about the difference between Autohex II WVCI HW2 and HW3.

Actually there are some improvements in the new WVCI hardware, we can sort the following:

  • Supporting the BMW ISN read/write for Tricore Ecus by boot mode.
  • Changing the USB connector from USB mini to a standard USB B class.
  • Adding a lot of electronic protection, like a protection against the static electricity, and the high sudden voltage when disconnecting /connecting the car battery cable, or a high power from car alternator.
  • Improving the CAN BUS signal to accept worst case when users are working on bench with bad wiring.
  • Wi-Fi is much more stable in this hardware; WVCI HW3 can detect the disconnection of USB instantly.
  • Less power consumption, this will extend the electrical components life.

In functioning (Other than ISN of tricore ), both interfaces are doing the same job, users will not have any difference in using them on Autohex II software.

Autohex II WCI HW3
Autohex II WVCI HW3

Strange BMW E60 Ecu Coding List in Autohex II

The Coding Problem

Yesterday we got a complain from a customer about coding BMW E60 model year 2009.

When he was trying to perform coding to an ECU, he noted that some Ecus marked as Ecu Needs Update, Or Incompatible. Usually this normal when Ecu is has an outdated flash (This can be solved by programming it), or not compatible (And this can be solved by swapping the Ecu using Autohex II expert mode).

In the programming list, these Ecus show that they are fully updated and compatible, this makes no sense, the coding list shows that Ecus need flashing, and programming list says, all are OK.

Autohex Ecu coding list
Autohex Ecu coding list
Autohex Ecu Programming List
Autohex Ecu Programming List

The user whom asked us for help to solve this issue, could not tell us the exact issue, and what he did exactly to reach to this point. There is 8-9 hours difference in his country timezone, he just arranged a teamviewer with the above photos and a very short description.

We used team-viewer to test this BMW E60, and after deep inspection we finally got the problem.

The customer has swapped these Ecus, but the vehicle order was not correct, so the calculation of the correct flash and coding was wrong.

When he was swapping these Ecus, the Flashing was OK. However, the coding was not performed due to the mismatching between the real coding index of the Ecu and the required coding Index (from Vehicle Order calculation).

FA Manager Advanced
Autohex FA Manager Advanced

The Solution

Solving this issue can be done as follow:

  • You must correct the FA: Start by copying the backup FA from LM (light module) or FRM to the CAS (You can use this from FA Manager), if this did not work, then you must select Advanced button in the FA Manager and modify the FA items until it become valid.
  • Close the session (go out of coding/programming), and enter a new session to let Autohex II calculates the Ecus list based on the modified FA.
  • Go to Indiv Programming and check if these Ecus not compatible: If not compatible just program them, this will make tem compatible and functioning.
  • If Ecus are still compatible, then just go to Indiv coding and do coding from there

Hope this article will help some Autohex II users if they faced such a case.

More information about Autohex II Diagnostic tool FA Manager

How to program a key for BMW

If you lost your key or you need to have an extra key for your BMW , you have few options available to program key.

You either request a new key from BMW dealer, this will be costly as well as it will take few days to few weeks.

The other option is asking a locksmith to program a new key, this considerably more cheap, and much faster. However,  there are few points you must be aware about.

If you car model is below 2007 you have a low risk when you let the locksmith to program a key for your car.

The risk comes from the tools that the locksmith may use to program a key for your BMW. Many locksmiths rely on cheap clone Chinese tools that require disassembling the security unit (called: Car Access System), you must ask your locksmith if he is using such a tool.

There are modern tools like Autohex II scan tool, it will program the key from within the OBD II socket, without disassembling any part from your car. This method is much more safe and secured.

BMW started a supplying the 4th generation of security starting from 2007, the security makes it more difficult for both: the thief and locksmith aw well.

Unlike the older security generations, the key data is not stored in the Car Access system as a plain data. It is encrypted, more advanced software is required to accomplish the key programming job successfully, Autohex II scan tool offers this ability.

The key programming will be more easy if you still have a working key for your car, as the key programming software (like Autohex II) will use the working key to conclude the encryption password, then it will start commanding the Car Access System of your car to program a new key, it stores the new key data after it is being encrypted by the retrieved password.

If you don’t have a working key (all keys lost), there is another solution from Autohex II, I will explain it in another article.



How to program BMW Ecu individually

Ecu programming in BMW must be done frequently to keep the car Ecu software updated, Ecu programming can enhance the car performance as well as improving the features. Usually BMW dealers doing this job when the car is still under warranty.

Unfortunately  Ecu programming comes with many restrictions in BMW cars, like all Ecus must be available and responding, moreover they all must have no faults.

BMW dealer tool will program all Ecus together, this will take a long time, and sometimes Ecus got faulty.

Autohex II comes with a feature that let users to select the Ecus they wish to program.

Programming Ecus in BMW by Autohex II is straight forward with Autohex II, you can basically choose any Ecu to program, Autohex II will do the accompanying in one stage:

  • Programs the Ecu the most recent glimmer form, this upgrade is computed in light of the FA (Vehicle Order)
  • Codes the Ecu to coordinate the arrangements of the vehicle, this is additionally ascertained in light of Vehicle Order.
  • Matches the VIN in case it is not as same as the car VIN (This is in case user decides to program a used Ecu purchased from junk yard)
  • Finalise Ecu Programming by applying the required service functions (adaptation, reset,…)