About Autohex II WVCI New Hardware HW3

Microtronik hardware engineers released the WVCI HW3 recently, many existing customers are asking about the difference between Autohex II WVCI HW2 and HW3.

Actually there are some improvements in the new WVCI hardware, we can sort the following:

  • Supporting the BMW ISN read/write for Tricore Ecus by boot mode.
  • Changing the USB connector from USB mini to a standard USB B class.
  • Adding a lot of electronic protection, like a protection against the static electricity, and the high sudden voltage when disconnecting /connecting the car battery cable, or a high power from car alternator.
  • Improving the CAN BUS signal to accept worst case when users are working on bench with bad wiring.
  • Wi-Fi is much more stable in this hardware; WVCI HW3 can detect the disconnection of USB instantly.
  • Less power consumption, this will extend the electrical components life.

In functioning (Other than ISN of tricore ), both interfaces are doing the same job, users will not have any difference in using them on Autohex II software.

Autohex II WCI HW3
Autohex II WVCI HW3

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