The upcoming hardware for Autohex from Microtronik will go to a higher level of vehicle diagnosis and management of electronic components in BMW models. The more stable and durable new hardware can do a wide variety of operations up to the latest models.

Following are the few major features it is capable of in a list of many.


With the growth of electronic units in the automobiles BMW is one of the leading company which uses DoIP (Diagnostic Over Internet Protocol) for communication with its modules in a wide range of ECU’s. Autohex team have made a big step in this industry by making their device adapted to this mode of transferring data. Programming ECU’s for latest update will be done with the help of DoIP which will make the time required for flashing into 1/10th of time taken by CAN bus protocol. The main advantage is control units like HU-H/NBT and other modules located at MOST network which was not able to be programmed easily before can be accomplished in a short time with the help of the new hardware.

FEM and BDC Security Unlock

FEM and BDC modules are the successor of CAS unit in latest models of BMW which was always a challenge for users for different manipulations. The new hardware is capable of breaking the security in these units and allows to do a set of operations in a fast and secured way. Programming keys, reading ISN, VIN etc. We assure the safety and reliability in this risky procedure as Autohex II software will automatically backup and restore the FEM/BDC back to the original state exactly as it was before.


Reading and writing both P-Flash and D-Flash data from all CAS models can be accomplished with the help of new Autohex II HW 4 , by this Autohex has become a complete solution for all operations in BMW. Before users were forced to use some BDM tools in the market for reading Dump from CAS for various operation. Now no need to go for any additional tool all this can be done just with Autohex. This will also ease the time and money required for making keys in CAS4/CAS4+.

About Autohex II WVCI New Hardware HW3

Microtronik hardware engineers released the WVCI HW3 recently, many existing customers are asking about the difference between Autohex II WVCI HW2 and HW3.

Actually there are some improvements in the new WVCI hardware, we can sort the following:

  • Supporting the BMW ISN read/write for Tricore Ecus by boot mode.
  • Changing the USB connector from USB mini to a standard USB B class.
  • Adding a lot of electronic protection, like a protection against the static electricity, and the high sudden voltage when disconnecting /connecting the car battery cable, or a high power from car alternator.
  • Improving the CAN BUS signal to accept worst case when users are working on bench with bad wiring.
  • Wi-Fi is much more stable in this hardware; WVCI HW3 can detect the disconnection of USB instantly.
  • Less power consumption, this will extend the electrical components life.

In functioning (Other than ISN of tricore ), both interfaces are doing the same job, users will not have any difference in using them on Autohex II software.

Autohex II WCI HW3
Autohex II WVCI HW3