How to program BMW Ecu individually

Ecu programming in BMW must be done frequently to keep the car Ecu software updated, Ecu programming can enhance the car performance as well as improving the features. Usually BMW dealers doing this job when the car is still under warranty.

Unfortunately  Ecu programming comes with many restrictions in BMW cars, like all Ecus must be available and responding, moreover they all must have no faults.

BMW dealer tool will program all Ecus together, this will take a long time, and sometimes Ecus got faulty.

Autohex II comes with a feature that let users to select the Ecus they wish to program.

Programming Ecus in BMW by Autohex II is straight forward with Autohex II, you can basically choose any Ecu to program, Autohex II will do the accompanying in one stage:

  • Programs the Ecu the most recent glimmer form, this upgrade is computed in light of the FA (Vehicle Order)
  • Codes the Ecu to coordinate the arrangements of the vehicle, this is additionally ascertained in light of Vehicle Order.
  • Matches the VIN in case it is not as same as the car VIN (This is in case user decides to program a used Ecu purchased from junk yard)
  • Finalise Ecu Programming by applying the required service functions (adaptation, reset,…)

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