Strange BMW E60 Ecu Coding List in Autohex II

The Coding Problem

Yesterday we got a complain from a customer about coding BMW E60 model year 2009.

When he was trying to perform coding to an ECU, he noted that some Ecus marked as Ecu Needs Update, Or Incompatible. Usually this normal when Ecu is has an outdated flash (This can be solved by programming it), or not compatible (And this can be solved by swapping the Ecu using Autohex II expert mode).

In the programming list, these Ecus show that they are fully updated and compatible, this makes no sense, the coding list shows that Ecus need flashing, and programming list says, all are OK.

Autohex Ecu coding list
Autohex Ecu coding list
Autohex Ecu Programming List
Autohex Ecu Programming List

The user whom asked us for help to solve this issue, could not tell us the exact issue, and what he did exactly to reach to this point. There is 8-9 hours difference in his country timezone, he just arranged a teamviewer with the above photos and a very short description.

We used team-viewer to test this BMW E60, and after deep inspection we finally got the problem.

The customer has swapped these Ecus, but the vehicle order was not correct, so the calculation of the correct flash and coding was wrong.

When he was swapping these Ecus, the Flashing was OK. However, the coding was not performed due to the mismatching between the real coding index of the Ecu and the required coding Index (from Vehicle Order calculation).

FA Manager Advanced
Autohex FA Manager Advanced

The Solution

Solving this issue can be done as follow:

  • You must correct the FA: Start by copying the backup FA from LM (light module) or FRM to the CAS (You can use this from FA Manager), if this did not work, then you must select Advanced button in the FA Manager and modify the FA items until it become valid.
  • Close the session (go out of coding/programming), and enter a new session to let Autohex II calculates the Ecus list based on the modified FA.
  • Go to Indiv Programming and check if these Ecus not compatible: If not compatible just program them, this will make tem compatible and functioning.
  • If Ecus are still compatible, then just go to Indiv coding and do coding from there

Hope this article will help some Autohex II users if they faced such a case.

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