HexProg Software Version 1.0.3

HexProg version 1.0.3
HexProg version 1.0.3

Hexprog software First release after BETA is available for Hextag and hexprog tool users.

New MCUs are supported like RENESAS V850 Family from NEC and HC08 Family from MOTOROLA/FREESCALE

Added Porsche BCM 2011 and up, users can read/write data without removing any part.

Added Audi/VW BCM for different modules: ESL J518 and BCM 2 with Renesas MCUs family

More Mercedes Benz ESZ and EIS have been added.

Fixed a false error message for FRM repair function after completing the eeprom repair.

Supporting new Chinese keys in market for BMW E series (Hitag 2 protocol)