Autohex II BMW Lite Locksmith

BMW Locksmith Technician who is looking to have a startup solution for BMW keys programming (with HexTag for free)
SKU: AHX0103
Delivery date: 2-5 days

Using this kit you can do following:


    MD1 and MG1 (MDG1) ISN Reading of following DME/DDE:

    • DME_840
    • DME_840H
    • DME_84T0
    • DME_860
    • DME_86T0
    • DME_880
    • DME_88T0
    • DDE803P
    • DDE832C

    MD1 and MG1 (MDG1) ISN Reading of following DME/DDE:

    • DME_83T1
    • DME_840
    • DME_841
    • DME_841H
    • DME_861
    • DME_88T0
    • DDE803

    Autohex II reads all ISN of DME/DDE in F series:

    • EDC17C41
    • EDC17C41
    • EDC17C50
    • EDC17C56
    • EDC17C76
    • EDC17CP09
    • EDC17CP45
    • EDC17CP49
    • MEVD17.2
    • MEVD17.2.3
    • MEVD17.2.4
    • MEVD17.2.5
    • MEVD17.2.6
    • MEVD17.2.8
    • MEVD17.2.9
    • MEVD17.2.G
    • MEVD17.2.H
    • MEVD17.2.P

    Autohex II reads all ISN of DME/DDE in E series:

    • EDC17C06
    • EDC17C41
    • EDC17C50
    • EDC17C56
    • EDC17C76
    • EDC17CP02
    • EDC17CP09
    • EDC17CP45
    • EDC17CP49
    • MSV80
    • MSV80.1
    • MSD80
    • MSD81
    • MSD85
    • MSD85Y
    • MSS60
    • MED17.2
    • MEV17.2
    • MEV17.2.2
    • MEVD17.2
    • MEVD17.2.2
    • MEVD17.2.7
    • MEV1746
    • MEVD17.2.4
    • MEVD17.2.5
    • MEVD17.2.9

    Autohex II reads the ISN of DME/DDE in E series:

    • EDC16C1
    • EDC16C31
    • EDC16C35
    • EDC16CP35
    • ME9
    • ME9.2
    • ME9.2.2
    • MEV9.2
    • MSV70
    • MS45

    With Autohex II you can read ISN from all CAS versions in E and F series


    CAS1, CAS2, CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4 ,CAS4+, FEM and BDC are supported by Autohex II, this includes if all keys lost


    You can unlock security of CAS4/4+, BDC and FEM to able to:

    • Change CAS and BDC and FEM VIN
    • Change CAS and BDC and FEM ISN
    • Mileage Reset for CAS and BDC and FEM
    • Making a key for CAS and BDC and FEM

    With Autohex II you can read ISN of MSD80, MSD81, MSD85, MSD85Y, MSD87, MSV90 in E/F series on Bench without opening the Ecu.


    Hextag is a powerful tool for Ecu cloning, Chip tuning, All CAS versions read/write and Key/EEPROM Reset, with Hextag:

    • Ecu Cloning/Tuning for a wide range of brands. This function is free for 30 days
    • Read and write CAS 1,2,3,4 and 4+ EEPROM and FLASH 100% safely
    • Read and write other modules from BMW, Mercedes, Audi, and others BDM protocol
    • Modify KOMBI (instrument cluster) Mileage
    • Repair FRM for BMW in one click
    • Renew all BMW keys, and many other brands

What you miss in this package:

  • BMW E Series, F Series and G Series online Ecu Programming and Manual coding (can be ordered later)
  • Modify ISN/SK in DME, DDE and CAS/FEM/BDC (can be ordered later)
  • Reset EGS 6HP/8HP EWS (can be ordered later)
  • Ecu Coding, and Vehicle Order managing (can be ordered later)
  • ISN Reading from Tricore Ecus by boot mode. (can be ordered later)

What you get:

  • Autohex II Hardware WVCI HW 5.
  • BMW Software Lite Locksmith License.
  • Key Programming License
  • HexTag Programmer BDM and Key programmer.
  • Free 30 days Chip Tuning License for Hextag.
  • BMW ISTA/D driver to run dealer software.
  • 1 year technical support.
  • 1 year hardware warranty.
Attribute nameAttribute value
CAS1,2,3,4 Key ProgrammingYES
FEM/BDC Key ProgrammingYES
Read CAS2,3,4,4+ Flash (BDM)YES
CAS4/FEM/BDC Mileage ResetYES
Online Ecu ProgrammingNO
Ecu CodingNO
Ecu Advanced CodingNO
Write ISN DME and CAS NO
Read ISN From EGS 6HP/8HP NO
Vehicle Order (FA) ManagerNO
Reset EGS EWS 6/8 HPNO
DME ISN By Boot Mode NO
CAS/FEM/BDC ReplacmentNO
Hextag Tool IncludedYES
Technical Support1 year (Extendable)