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HexProg Chip Tuning Software Version 1.0.50

SH70xx Mcus are supported in factory mode. More Ecus like Mazda R2AB, R2AX, RF7X, RF8G, RF8K, RF8X, Mitsubishi RA6, RHF4 are supported

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AutoHex II BMW Diagnostic Software Version 1.0.68

BMW G series coding has been written from scratch, A lot of enhancements in functions like BDC/FEM unlocing, CAS4 mileage, and more

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HexProg Chip Tuning Software Version 1.0.49

Checksum has been improved in this version, many Ecus now are supported, we also added PSA V46.11, VD46.1

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Autohex II Intro

One of our be achievements is Autohex scan tool series, Autohex II is a combination of our long experience, our customers feedbacks, and the latest technology in hardware and software.


DOIP is supported

Autohex II is capable to perform Individual Programming for any module in BMW from 2002 up to date!


Auto and Manual

You can use Autohex II manual and auto coding on any Ecu in BMW. FA manager is available for car modification!


E/F and G Series

Autohex II is considered as the most powerful tool for reading and writing ISN in BMW DME,DDE and CAS!


CAS1 up to FEM/BDC

Programming a Key for BMW is fully covered, including the case of all keys lost. Autohex II is the most safe tool!


With Service Functions

Autohex II supports the full range for reading/erasing faults codes, live data, actuations, and major service functions!


Passthru is supported

The new Autohex II hardware (HW5) is compatible with most of OEM software tools, mainly BMW ISTA/D!


Product: Autohex II

A must have tool! If you do BMW repair this tool will definitely pay for itself in a matter of months. There are many revenue streams available to you with this tool, keys, ecu swaps to name a few.

We reached out to transmission shops for isn matching on their tranny swaps and within a ...

Gp Motorworks

Product: Autohex II

Where do i start to describe this special tool. Like many i was a bit unsure about the autohex ii as i had only read about the features of autohex ii from forums. So i decided to visit a distributor and see the tool in person and use it for myself and all i can say from my experience it does exac...

DUDMD Automotive

Product: Autohex II

Autohex II is one of my favorite tools in the shop. It's very simple and easy to use, very constantly updated and more features added, which is a very good thing in my book. Customer support responds very quickly and will often connect remotely right away to trouble shoot any issues you'r...

Mobile Auto Diagnostics

Product: Autohex II

Using the autohex scanner has been a savoir to our business as European diagnostic specialists. The autohex allows us to carry out all the coding and programming needed to fully repair all aspects of BMW.

It is one of the best scanners that we use and it is very reliable and f...


Product: Autohex II

I have been working on BMW and Mercedes as independent tech for over 20 years and specializing in the diagnostics and electronics repair for the last 7.

I got proficient with ISTA and BMW coding tools, but some things are taking too long to do and some things of course can’t ...

Hexprog ChipTuning

Hexprog is the professional tool you will need to repair, clone and make chip tuning for a wide range of Ecus/Tcus. The price of Hexprog is the most affordable price comparing to the other professional tools in the market,

Safety while using

Hexprog in the most safe tool that deal with cars modules like CAS4, BDC, and other immo modules.

User Friendly Software

By few clicks you complete the most complicated jobs, like cloning an Ecu or repair a module.

Competitive price

With the varity of functions (Ecu cloning/Tuning, BDM Read/Write, Key Reset,..etc) Hexprog is your best choice!

Technical Articles

We at Microtronik beleive that Autohex/ Hexprog users knowlage is a high priorty, we are providing useful technical information periodically!


Autohex Article

EGS Reset in BMW cars is a challenge for the technician, the car will not shift unless the EGS security (EGS EWS) is reset. AutoHex II is the best tool for doing this job

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Reading ISN From DME/DDE in Factory Mode

Autohex Article

Autohex is the only tool that lets you read/write ISN on bench in few seconds. This article explains how to read/write ISN by Autohex II

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CAS Firmware failed condition

Hexprog Article

CAS3+ with BMW Number 9287535 may fail during the CAS Firmware, this article explains the procedure of how to fix the CAS3 in case you faced such a problem.

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We at Microtronik study the pricing very carefully, you can always contact us to check for prices

Hexprog Chip Tuning


  • Ecu Cloning/Tuning
  • BDM Read/Write
  • Repair FRM for BMW
  • Repair CAS3/CAS4
  • Reset mileage for CAS
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Autohex II Lite


  • BMW/MINI Key Programming
  • Online Programming
  • Auto/Manual Coding
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Autohex II Full


  • BMW/MINI Key Programming
  • Online Programming
  • Auto/Manual Coding
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