Ecu Repair/Chip Tuning

HexProg Products

Hexprog II Chip Tuning Tool Full Set

Make the most of your investment!

Hexprog II is the cutting-edge, latest-generation chip tuning tool. With Hexprog II, you gain the power to repair, clone, and chip tune Ecus/Tcus across diverse vehicles.

The Full Set provides a comprehensive MASTER LICENSE with full access to all Hexprog II capabilities, including OBD, Boot, and Bench methods.

This versatile solution covers cars, trucks, bikes, and boats, having ability to access Ecus/Tcus On bench, Boot mode, JTAG, and OBD maximizing your vehicle's performance potential.


Hexprog II Lite Chip Tuning Tool

Get the most bang for your buck!

Hexprog II Lite Set provides users with flexible options, allowing them to choose the ECU/TCU families that best suit their needs.

This set is designed to offer a wide range of compatibility, ensuring that users can select the most suitable options for their specific requirements.

What sets it apart is not only its versatility but also its competitive pricing


Hexprog II Chip Tuning Tool Basic Set

Optimize your spending for the best returns!

Hexprog II is the latest generation of Chip Tuning Tools, offering repair, cloning, and chip tuning for a wide range of Ecus/Tcus.

The Basic Set is designed for technicians with occasional Ecu/Tcu Tuning and Repairing jobs offering a license leasing starting from USD 60.00 only.


HexProg Chip Tuning And ECU Programming Tool

Hexprog is the professional tool you will need to repair, clone and make chip tuning for a wide range of Ecus/Tcus. The price of Hexprog is the most affordable compared to the other professional tools in the market, it comes with 30 days free Cloning/Tuning license, as well all the adapters you may need for your job.

Hexprog II Chip Tuning Tool For Upgrading

This product is for users who have Hextag/Hexprog with an active license, and they wish to upgrade to Hexprog II.

If you don't have Hexprog/Hextag, please don't order this item. You may order Hexprog II Full Set or Hexprog II Basic Set.