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HexTag Programmer

HexTag Programmer
Product Code: HP0001

Suitable for: Technician who needs to read and write flash data from/to different modules of multi brands

Price: USD 550.00

HexTag Programmer used for Ecu cloning/tuning and BDM functions (BMW CAS series, Porsche BCM, Audi/VW,...etc), Mileage EEPROM reset, Key reset, and more

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Using HexTag you can do the following:

  • Ecu cloning/tuning of wide range of brands (Check Supported List). This function is free for 30 days, details are in F.A.Q.
  • Read and write safely CAS2,CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4, CAS4+ all flashs without removing any component.
  • Read and write safely Porsche BCM without removing component
  • Repair corrupted EEPROM in CAS3+
  • Edit CAS3+ and CAS4 ISN and VIN
  • Reset mileage for CAS
  • Repair FRM in just one click
  • Read and write many other modules in different car models like Mercedes Benz, Audi, Land Rover, VW,..etc
  • Dashboard EEPROM Reset like M35080, 080D0WQ, 160D0WQ,...
  • Key Renew for many brands like Audi, BMW, Porsche, Land Rover, VW, Chrysler, Renault,...

What you get:

  • HexTag Programmer main unit.
  • Hexprog Power module used for Ecu Cloning/Tuning function.
  • MPC5XX Module used for Ecu Cloning/Tuning of EDC16XX
  • BDM Cable (wires are same quality used in aerospace).
  • OBD Cable for read/write Ecu MAP area.
  • Module/adapter for renew keys and read/write SOP-8 EEPROM.
  • SOP-8 High quailty Clip to read/write EEPROM and reset mileage on bench.
  • Custom Power Supply Adapter 12.5V 2A (starting from 2021)


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Order HexTag Programmer Now