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Microtronik Frequently Asked Questions

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You may have questions while ordering or using Microtronik Products. Everything you’ll need to know is in our website. We’ve gathered the most frequently asked questions below. Click questions to explore.

Autohex II Questions

  • How to order Autohex II


    I am interested in Autohex II and I would like to order it, what methods you may offer me?


    You can go staright forward and order online from Autohex II Order Online

    You can also contact us to forward you to nearst dealer in your area.

    If you wish to pay offline (ike bank transferring) you can contact us

  • Is there any annual fees?


    Is there any annual fees for Autohex II BMW software?


    For BMW software, the annual fees is as follow:

    • AHX0001, AHX0002, AHX0003, AHX0103: USD 350.00
    • AHX0004,AHX0005: USD 750.00

    This includes:

    • Access to Online Programming functions
    • Software Update
    • Extended hardware warranty
    • Extended Technical support
  • What methods you offer for technical support?


    If I order Autohex II I will need some help from you, how I may get this support?


    You can contact us by email, phone call, or live chat from our website.

    We respond in different ways:

    • Answering your question by email or by phone call
    • We may request from you a teamviewer access to your laptop or computer to help you further
  • What functions in Autohex II BMW software?


    I want to know what special functions available in BMW software, and is there different packages


    Autohex II BMW Software comes only in one package, the fully equiped package.

    This Package includes:

    • Online programming and modules updates
    • Modules coding 
    • Manual (Advanced) coding
    • DME amd DDE ISN Reading (And Writng to some modules)
    • CAS ISN Reading and Writing
    • EGS ISN Reading
    • Key programming
  • How long time it takes to get Autohex II?


    If I order today, for how long time I have to wait to get Autohex II in hand?


    This depends on your payment methods.

    If you order today by PayPal and your payment has been verified by them, we can ship by today or tomorrow morning.

    If you prefer to pay using wiring transfer, we have to wait until your payment arrive to our account (it takes 1 to 3 working days)

    We use Express forwarders, so you will get your order after 2-4 days after your payment arrives.

  • When I get Autohex II, is it ready to be used?


    I got my order today, how to start using Autohex II?


    First thing to do is downloading proper installation program (depends on your OS) from Autohex II downloads

    after you finish installation, connect WVCI (Autohex II OBD II Connector) to USB, then start the program, on top menu, just click on Update.

    After you finish updating, you are ready to use your Autohex II.

  • Can I order Htag Pro later


    I am planning to order only BMW Package along with WVCI, can I buy the key programmer HTAG Pro later?


    HTag Pro is just an option of Autohex II BMW Software.

    You can use Autohex II for all functions except some parts of key learning.

  • Does Htag Pro support Kia and Hyundai software?


    I am planning to order Kia and Hyundai software, I will not order BMW Package, do I need HTag Pro?


    HTag Pro is a hardware part that supports some functions in BMW package, you don't need it if you will use only Kia and Hyundai.

    Kia and Hyundai key learning will work without any need to a key programmer hardware.

Hexprog II Questions

  • What is Hexprog II Basic Set?


    I see Hexprog II Basic set is very interesting. Can you make everything clear about it?


    Hexprog II Basic Set is the perfect choice for users who occasionally require ECU repairing or tuning jobs. 

    With this set, no annual fees and no extra charges, as you only pay for the tool's usage when needed, offering a cost-effective and flexible solution.

    Once you've ordered Hexprog II Basic Set and registered the tool, you'll receive an active license for 48 hours. During this period, you'll have the freedom to repair, clone, and tune any supported of ECU/TCU with ease, while enjoying full support from our dedicated tech support team.

    Upon the expiration of the 48-hour license period, access to these functions will temporarily pause. However, to regain access you can easily lease (rent) the license for 1 to 7 days directly from your account on the user-friendly Hexprog Portal.

    This user-centric approach ensures that you have uninterrupted access to essential ECU and TCU functionalities without any unnecessary costs or commitments. Whether you're a hobbyist or a professional dealing with occasional automotive projects, Hexprog II Basic Set is tailored to meet your needs efficiently, making it a smart investment for all your ECU and TCU requirements.

  • How long the Free Chip Tuning/Ecu Tuning license will be active im my tool?


    I am planning to buy Hexprog/Hexprog II tool. For how long my free license will keep running?


    If you order Hexprog II Full Set or Hexprog II Lite Set, you will get a lifetime activated license (annual fees is applied, please read next question).

    While both Hexprog and Hexprog II Basic Set have a free period for Tuning License.

    We offer for the Ecu Tuning function 30 days free for Hexprog, and 2 days free for Hexprog II Basic Set.

    Once the free period has been expired you have two options to keep using your tool:

    • Purchase the Tuning/Cloning License: USD 1500.00 for license (one time payment)
    • Lease the License for 1 to 7 days: Hexprog and Hexprog II basic Set users can activate a fully functioning license from their account in
  • How much the charges for Hexprog II?


    After buying Hexprog II, is there any extra charges?


    This depends on what Hexprog II Set you are going to buy

    Hexprog II Basic Set

    No annual fees, no extra charges. You pay the license lease only when you have a job.

    You can activate the license any time when you need to use the tool, the charges are as follow:

    • Activate the Tuning License for 1 day: USD 60.00 only.
    • Activate the Tuning License for 2 days: USD 100.00 only.
    • Activate the Tuning License for 7 days: USD 200.00 only.

    If you wish to upgrade from Hexprog II Basic Set to Full Set, you have to buy the License (USD 1500.00), it is one time payment.

    Hexprog II Full Set And Lite Set

    There is annual fees of USD 350.00, it starts after one year of purchasing.

  • What is the difference between Hexprog and Hexprog II?


    I want to order Hexprog or Hexprog II, which is better for me?


    Hexprog II is to serve Ecu Cloning, Chip Tuning and Ecu Repair only, while Hexprog has extra functions like EEPROM read/write, Key Reset and BMW CAS read/write.

    However, Hexprog hardware cannot support all Ecus protocols, it also requires many adapters to work with different Ecus/Tcus.

    If you are looking for Ecu repair, Ecu cloning, and Chip Tuning then Hexprog II is your best choice. If you are looking for general repair tool, you can select Hexprog.

    More details about the technical differences you can read from here: Hexprog II VS Hexprog

  • Where to download and how to register


    Where are the installation files of Hexprog II, and how to register my Hexprog II tool?


    The software name is HexProg II Tuner, you can download it from: Download Hexprog II Tuner

    To reguister your tool you need to register in HexProg website, then while you are updating your Hexprog II first time, you will be asked for the login information of Hexprog website.

  • Supported List of Ecu Cloning/Tuning


    Where I can get the supported Ecu list?


    The supported List can be found here: Hexprog II Supported List

    For better list navigation, you can download Hexprog II Tuner Software

  • Can I upgrade from Hexprog to Hexprog II?


    I have Hexprog/Hextag tool with active license, can I upgrade to Hexprog II?


    We offer for Hexprog/Hextag users who have active Tuning/Cloning License to upgrade to Hexprog II.

    They can order Hexprog II for upgrading, Once they get the tool in hand, we will transfer the License to the new tool.

    The Hexprog II will work for Ecu repair, Ecu cloning and Chip Tuning functions while the old tool will work for offline functions like CAS, FRM Repair, EEPROM,..etc

  • How does the 14 days money back works?


    If I am not happy with my Hexprog II Full Set tool, how I can get refund?


    Hexprog II Full Set buyers have the right to ask for refund any time for 14 days starting from the tool registration date.

    You can simply request for refund from your account in Hexprog Portal ( by opening a ticket and uploading pictures of the tool parts.

    We will request your address to book for the shipment from your address to our company, please note that shipping charges will be deducted from the refund amount.

    Once we get the tool, we will deduct some charges for parts replacements (cables, wires, cover,...etc.), these charges will be in the range of (USD 50.00 to 150.00), then you will get refunded.

  • Can I keep CAS and Keys functions in Hexprog When upgrading?


    I want to upgrade to Hexprog II, can I keep these functions in my current Hextag/Hexprog?


    After you upgrade to Hexprog II, you will have two devices have different jobs:

    • Hexprog II: Will work only for Ecu Cloning and Chip Tuning.
    • Hexprog/Hextag: Will keep supporting all functions except the Ecu Cloning and Chip Tuning.

    In Short, we will simply transfer the Ecu cloning/Chip Tuning from Hexprog/Hextag to Hexprog II.

  • Can I have a License for cars only?


    Is there an option to activate the license for cars, trucks or motorcycles individually in Hexprog II?


    The License cannot be divided to individual packages, we offer only a Master Full License for Chip Tuning and Ecu Cloning.

Other Questions

  • Does Autohex II Comply with Passthru?


    I hear that Passthru (J2534-1) can be used to run software for dealers on a hardware works as Passthru, Does Aurohex II comply with this standard?


    Autohex II is following the standard of SAE J2534-1 as well as J2534-2.

    This is a very important feature if you wish to use any diagnose software comply with this standards.

  • Can I run Autohex II software by another Passthu device?


    If Autohex II hardware supports Passthru, can I use a different Passthru device and start using Autohex II software?


    Autohex II software is not following SAE J2534 (Passthru) due to program internal security,the commuincation protocol between Autohex II software and WVCI is different.

    The Passthru library driver is a part of Autohex II software, it was designed only to serve the other programs that comply with this standard. It won't be used by our software.