Hexprog II Chip Tuning Tool For Upgrading

This product is for users who have Hextag/Hexprog with an active license, and they wish to upgrade to Hexprog II.

If you don't have Hexprog/Hextag, please don't order this item. You may order Hexprog II Full Set or Hexprog II Basic Set.

SKU: HP0006
Delivery date: 2-5 days

Upgrade to Hexprog II

Users with Hextag/Hexprog tools can upgrade to Hexprog II to gain the new features available in Hexprog II.

When you upgrade to Hexprog II, your Hextag/Hexprog will remain working with offline functions like the CAS, BCM, and other BDM functions.

We will transfer the Ecu Chip tuning license to Hexprog II, your old Hextag/Hexprog will not work for this job anymore.


Why to upgrade

Hexprog II is a dedicated tool for Ecu programming, Chip Tuning and Ecu Cloning. While Hexprog is a general tool for muli purposes. 

Below are some of Hexprog II features cannot be found in Hexprog.

  • Supports  Tricore DAP connection method.
  • Supports NEC NBD connection method.
  • Supports Mitsubishi Bench connection method.
  • Some Ecus require high programming voltage (17-24V), Hexprog II is able to supply this range
  • Able to handle OBD voltage up to 34V (For 24V vehicles OBD).
  • No adapters, no modules. All are included internally inside Hexprog II.
  • More I/O pins and more functions.

Important Notes

  • After registering your Hexprog II tool, you can request to transfer the License from old Hextag/Hexprog to the new Hexprog II by opening a ticket from your account in hexprog.com. Transferring process will be done within 2 working days.
  • Your old Hexprog/Hextag will remain working for other functions like BDM, EEPROM read/write, Key Reset..etc.
  • No extra charges are required, we will simply transfer your own license from your old tool to Hexprog II.

What you will get

  • Hexprog II Main Unit: A powerful tool equipped with one of the fastest microcontrollers in this business sector.
  • OBD Cable: Used for Ecu Chip Tuning/Ecu Repair by OBD to read/write Ecu MAP area.
  • All cables/adapters you will need to connect to any Ecu.
  • Power Adapter: Special power supply for Hexprog II 14V-3A.

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