HexTag Programmer

Sorry - this product is no longer available

Technician who needs to read and write flash data from/to different modules of multi brands
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This product is outdated, and currently not available.

Please consider the new generation Hexprog II Chip Tuning Tool

Using Hexprog you can do the following:

  • Ecu cloning/tuning of wide range of brands (Check Supported List). This function is free for 30 days, details are in F.A.Q
  • Read and write safely CAS2,CAS3, CAS3+, CAS4, CAS4+ all flashs without removing any component.
  • Repair FRM in just one click.
  • Read and write safely Porsche BCM without removing component.
  • Repair corrupted EEPROM in CAS3+.
  • Edit CAS3+ and CAS4 ISN and VIN.
  • Reset mileage for CAS.
  • Read and write many other modules in different car models like Mercedes Benz, Audi, Land Rover, VW,..etc.
  • Dashboard EEPROM Reset like M35080, 080D0WQ, 160D0WQ,... You need to order EEPROM Adarpter to use this function.
  • Key Renew for many brands like Audi, BMW, Porsche, Land Rover, VW, Chrysler, Renault,... You need to order EEPROM Adarpter to use this function.

What you get:

  • Active Ecu Cloning/Chip Tuning License for 30 days.
  • Hexprog Main Unit: A powerful multi functions tool equipped with one of the most fast microcontrollers in this business sector.
  • BDM Cable: A High quality cable made of wires used in aerospace.
  • Power Module : Used for Ecu Cloning/Tuning function for On Bench and Boot Mode of different Ecus/Tcus.
  • MPC5XX Module : Used for Ecu Cloning/Tuning of EDC16XX, MEXX and other Ecus with MPC5XX.
  • JTAG Module : Used for Ecu Cloning/Tuning of Equipped with SH725XX, MPC56XXX.
  • OBD Cable : Used for Ecu Chip Tuning/Ecu Repair by OBD to read/write Ecu MAP area.
  • EEPROM/Key Reset Module : Used to connect Keys to reset Also used with EEPROM to read/write/reset.
  • Key reader/writer module : Used to read/write BMW keys (with Autohex II).
  • Power Adapter : Special power supply for Hexprog 14V-3A.
Attribute nameAttribute value
MicroprocessorRISC 32 bits 100MHz
External SDRAMNot Available
Ecu CommunicationsFactory Mode (On bench), Boot Mode, JTAG, BDM, and OBD
Power Supply12 to 18V
Warranty1 year (Extendable)
Technical support1 year (Extendable)
Major AccessoriesAll Included