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About Kim Hin Kunci Sdn bhd

Your One Stop Locksmith and Key Blanks Supplier

Established for since almost three decades ago, Kim Hin Kunci Sdn Bhd has been existence since 1990 to cater all your keys, locks and locksmithing needs.

Over the decade, locksmithing has transition from an art to a science.

At Kim Hin Kunci Sdn Bhd, with our experience glean through our many years of being a key player in this industry, we are your best choice be it for products or for your training need to become a locksmith – Beginner or Professional likewise. We also offer training courses from basic locksmithing to professional locksmithing for individuals that have interest in this industry which have highly profitable income. With our long locksmithing experience and having most advance locksmithing technology we have made locksmithing simple to learn. We will ensure that you master locksmiting a cinch!

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