HexProg Ecu Cloning and Chip Tuning Tool

HexProg Ecu Cloning and Chip Tuning Tool

HexProg Chip Tuning Tool
HexProg Chip Tuning Tool

Chip tuning, Ecu cloning and other programming tasks require a high-performance tool in both hardware and software.

Hexprog tool was designed on this philosophy, we took care of every small detail when we built the hardware, and we used our vast experience to make a fast, reliable and user friendly software. The result was an amazing tool can serve the users perfectly.

On Bench Chip Tuning/Ecu Cloning:

You can read and write P-Flash, D-Flash, External Flash, and external EEPROM with the option of automatically checksum correction, you will have two methods in most of Ecus:

  • Factory mode: with this option you don’t have to open the Ecu cover. Just plug some wires for power and signals and you are ready to go.
  • Boot mode: Opening the Ecu is mandatory to connect the boot wire on the Ecu board. This method is useful when the Ecu is not responding.

You can check Hexprog Ecu List

OBD Chip tuning:

Hexprog starts supporting OBD functions in early 2021, It supports read/write the map area, (virtual read is supported too). It also includes important functions in some Ecus, like VIN Changing, Coding backup/restore and Fault codes read/erase.

Microtronik has a huge experience in all types of car Ecus flashing and coding, we deployed this experience in Hexprog to produce one of the safest programming tools by OBD.

Hexprog Chip Tuning function by OBD
Hexprog Chip Tuning function by OBD

BMW ISN reading:

We took the most important part from Autohex for ISN management and we adopt it in Hexprog.

With Hexprog you can read all long ISN from any BMW Ecu including the latest Bosch MG1/MD1 Ecus starting from 2005 up to today's DME/DDE.

BDM read/write:

With Hexprog you are able to break the protection of immobilizers like CAS in BMW, EIZ/EIS in Mercedes Benz, BCM in Volkswagen and Porsche…etc.

We are proud that Hexprog is the only tool can read/write CAS4 without de-soldering or cutting any part from the board. The same in most of immobilizers.

Built in Editors:

With Hexprog you can edit many Flash data like:

Edit CAS3+ VIN, ISN and keys

Edit CAS4, CAS4+ VIN, and ISN

Edit mileage for BMW instrument clusters

Repair BMW FRM:

BMW E series has a serious problem with FEM, the data gets damaged easily.

With Hexprog you can repair the FRM 3 in one click.

Other functions:

  • You can reset mileage in protected EEPROMs like M35080, M35160, 080D0WQ, 160D0WQ, the process takes few seconds
  • You can do key reset for many brands like Audi, BMW, MINI, Porsche, Toyota, Fiat, Renault...etc.
  • Read/Write a wid range of SOP8 EEPROMs.
  • Works side by side with Autohex to make keys.

Compare to Hextag:

Both Hextag and Hexprog have the same functions. The difference is in the hardware structure which may reflect the performance and the future added functions. Below table shows the major differences.




Microprocessor Speed

100 MHz

220 MHz

External Memory

Not Available


USB Speed

Full Speed (12Mbps)

High Speed (480 Mbps)

Power Protection



Key coil



Hardware Support For Future functions

Almost will be supported

Sure will be supported

Last Update: 6/25/2021