HexProg Chip Tuning Software Version 1.0.50

Monday, March 21, 2022

Denso SH70XX is the new coming family to Hexprog starting from this version, it is supported by the favorite method: Factory Mode.

This version enhanced the checksum correction of some minor bugs in older versions.

The new supported Ecus are as follow:

  • Chevrolet Bosch EDC16C37
  • Citroen Denso RA6 SH7058
  • Citroen Continental SID201
  • Cupra Bosch MG1CS011 TC298
  • Dacia Valeo V50 SH72543
  • Ford Continental 7G91, 8M51, SID206 
  • GMC Bosch EDC16C37
  • Land Rover Continental SID201, SID203
  • Mahindra Bosch MD1CS018 SPC58
  • Mazda Denso R2AB, R2AX, RF7X, RF8G, RF8K, RF8X
  • Mazda Continental SID206 MPC561 ECU
  • Mitsubishi Denso RA6, RHF4
  • Nissan Denso 23710, D3, H1, HP
  • Peugeot Denso RA6
  • Peugeot Continental SID201
  • Renault Valeo V50
  • Volvo Continental SID206
  • Truck Renault Truck Denso D3 SH7058

You can check Hexprog supported Ecu list

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