BMW MEV9.2 Details

Hexprog supports the following methods for MEV9.2:
  • Boot Mode: You need to open MEV9.2.

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MEV9.2 Can be found in following Models
BMW1-Series116i 6AT
BMW1-Series116i 6MT
BMW1-Series118i 5MT
BMW1-Series118i 6AT
BMW1-Series118i 6MT
BMW1-Series120i 6AT
BMW1-Series120i 6MT
BMW3-Series316i 6MT
BMW3-Series318i 6AT
BMW3-Series318i 6MT
BMW3-Series320i 6AT
BMW3-Series320i 6MT
BMW3-Series320si 6MT
BMW5-Series540i 6AT
BMW5-Series540i 6MT
BMW5-Series550i 6MT
BMW6-Series645Ci 6AT
BMW6-Series645Ci 6MT
BMW6-Series650Ci 6MT
BMW7-Series740i 6AT
BMW7-Series740Li 6AT
BMW7-Series750i 6AT
BMW7-Series750i Long 6AT
BMW7-Series750Li 6AT
BMWX32.0i 6MT
BMWX3xDrive20i 6MT
BMWX54.4i 6AT
BMWX54.8i 6AT
BMWX54.8is 6AT
BMWZ42.0i 5MT