BMW MG1CS201 Details

Hexprog supports the following methods for MG1CS201:
  • Factory Mode (On Bench): You Don't need to open your MG1CS201.

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MG1CS201 Can be found in following Models
BMW1-Series116d 8AT
BMW1-Series116i 8AT
BMW1-Series118d 8AT
BMW1-Series118d xDrive 8AT
BMW1-Series118i 8AT
BMW1-Series120d 8AT
BMW1-Series120d xDrive 8AT
BMW1-Series120i 8AT
BMW1-Series125d 8AT
BMW1-Series125i 8AT
BMW1-SeriesM140i 8AT
BMW1-SeriesM140i xDrive 8AT
BMW2-Series218d 8AT
BMW2-Series218i 8AT
BMW2-Series220d 8AT
BMW2-Series220d xDrive 8AT
BMW2-Series220i 8AT
BMW2-Series225d 8AT
BMW2-Series228i 8AT
BMW2-Series228i xDrive 8AT
BMW2-Series230i 8AT
BMW2-Series230i xDrive 8AT
BMW2-SeriesM235i 8AT
BMW2-SeriesM235i xDrive 8AT
BMW2-SeriesM240i 8AT
BMW2-SeriesM240i xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series316d 8AT
BMW3-Series316i 8AT
BMW3-Series316Li 8AT
BMW3-Series318d 8AT
BMW3-Series318d xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series318i 8AT
BMW3-Series318Li 8AT
BMW3-Series320d 8AT
BMW3-Series320d EfficientDynamics Edition
BMW3-Series320d xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series320i 8AT
BMW3-Series320i xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series320Li 8AT
BMW3-Series320Li xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series325d 8AT
BMW3-Series328d 8AT
BMW3-Series328d xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series328i 8AT
BMW3-Series328i xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series328Li 8AT
BMW3-Series330d 8AT
BMW3-Series330d xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series330i 8AT
BMW3-Series330i xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series330Li 8AT
BMW3-Series330Li xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series335d xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series335i 6AT
BMW3-Series335i 8AT
BMW3-Series335i TwinTurbo
BMW3-Series335i xDrive
BMW3-Series335i xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series335Li 8AT
BMW3-Series340i 8AT
BMW3-Series340i xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series GT318d 8AT
BMW3-Series GT320d 8AT
BMW3-Series GT320d xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series GT320i 8AT
BMW3-Series GT320i xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series GT325d 8AT
BMW3-Series GT328i 8AT
BMW3-Series GT328i xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series GT330d 8AT
BMW3-Series GT330d xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series GT335d xDrive 8AT
BMW3-Series GT335i 8AT
BMW3-Series GT335i xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series3.0 6MT
BMW4-Series418d 8AT
BMW4-Series418i 8AT
BMW4-Series420d 8AT
BMW4-Series420d xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series420i 8AT
BMW4-Series420i xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series425d 8AT
BMW4-Series428i 8AT
BMW4-Series428i xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series430d 8AT
BMW4-Series430d xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series430i 8AT
BMW4-Series430i xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series435d xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series435i 8AT
BMW4-Series435i xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series440i 8AT
BMW4-Series440i xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe418d 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe418i 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe420d 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe420d xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe420i 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe420i xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe425d 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe428i 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe428i xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe430d 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe430d xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe430i 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe430i xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe435d xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe435i 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe435i xDrive 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe440i 8AT
BMW4-Series Gran Coupe440i xDrive 8AT
BMW5-Series518d 8AT
BMW5-Series520d 8AT
BMW5-Series520d Efficient Dynamic Edition
BMW5-Series520d xDrive 8AT
BMW5-Series520i 8AT
BMW5-Series523i 6MT
BMW5-Series523i 8AT
BMW5-Series525d 8AT
BMW5-Series525d xDrive 8AT
BMW5-Series528i 6MT
BMW5-Series528i 8AT
BMW5-Series528i xDrive 8AT
BMW5-Series530d 8AT
BMW5-Series530d xDrive 8AT
BMW5-Series530i 6MT
BMW5-Series530i 8AT
BMW5-Series530i xDrive 8AT
BMW5-Series530Li 8AT
BMW5-Series535d 8AT
BMW5-Series535d xDrive 8AT
BMW5-Series535i 8AT
BMW5-Series535i xDrive 8AT
BMW5-Series540i 8AT
BMW5-Series540i xDrive 8AT
BMW5-Series540Li 8AT
BMW5-Series550i 6MT
BMW5-Series550i 8AT
BMW5-Series550i xDrive 8AT
BMW5-SeriesM550d xDrive 8AT
BMW5-Series GT520d 8AT
BMW5-Series GT530d 8AT
BMW5-Series GT530d xDrive 8AT
BMW5-Series GT535d 8AT
BMW5-Series GT535d xDrive 8AT
BMW5-Series GT535i 8AT
BMW5-Series GT535i xDrive 8AT
BMW5-Series GT550i 8AT
BMW5-Series GT550i xDrive 8AT
BMW6-Series640d 8AT
BMW6-Series640d xDrive 8AT
BMW6-Series640i 8AT
BMW6-Series640i xDrive 8AT
BMW6-Series650i 6MT
BMW6-Series650i 8AT
BMW6-Series650i xDrive 8AT
BMW6-Series GT630i 8AT
BMW6-Series GT640i 8AT
BMW6-Series GT640i xDrive 8AT
BMW7-Series725d 8AT
BMW7-Series725Ld 8AT
BMW7-Series730d 8AT
BMW7-Series730d xDrive 8AT
BMW7-Series730i 8AT
BMW7-Series730Ld 8AT
BMW7-Series730Li 8AT
BMW7-Series740d 6AT
BMW7-Series740d 8AT
BMW7-Series740d xDrive 8AT
BMW7-Series740i 6AT
BMW7-Series740i 8AT
BMW7-Series740i xDrive 8AT
BMW7-Series740Ld xDrive 8AT
BMW7-Series740Li 6AT
BMW7-Series740Li 8AT
BMW7-Series740Li xDrive 8AT
BMW7-Series745d 6AT
BMW7-Series750d xDrive 8AT
BMW7-Series750i 6AT
BMW7-Series750i 8AT
BMW7-Series750i xDrive 6AT
BMW7-Series750i xDrive 8AT
BMW7-Series750Ld xDrive 8AT
BMW7-Series750Li 6AT
BMW7-Series750Li 8AT
BMW7-Series750Li xDrive 6AT
BMW7-Series750Li xDrive 8AT
BMW7-Series760i 8AT
BMW7-Series760Li 8AT
BMW7-Series760LiS 8AT
BMWM1-SeriesM135i 8AT
BMWM1-SeriesM135i xDrive 8AT
BMWX1220i 6MT
BMWX1sDrive16d 8AT
BMWX1sDrive18d 8AT
BMWX1sDrive20d 8AT
BMWX1sDrive20i 8AT
BMWX1sDrive28i 8AT
BMWX1xDrive18d 8AT
BMWX1xDrive20d 8AT
BMWX1xDrive20i 8AT
BMWX1xDrive25d 8AT
BMWX1xDrive28i 8AT
BMWX216D sDrive
BMWX218D sDrive
BMWX220i sDrive
BMWX3M40i xDrive 8AT
BMWX3sDrive18d 8AT
BMWX3sDrive20i 8AT
BMWX3sDrive28i 8AT
BMWX3sDrive30i 8AT
BMWX3xDrive20d 8AT
BMWX3xDrive20i 8AT
BMWX3xDrive25d 8AT
BMWX3xDrive28d 8AT
BMWX3xDrive28i 8AT
BMWX3xDrive30d 8AT
BMWX3xDrive30i 8AT
BMWX3xDrive35d 8AT
BMWX3xDrive35i 8AT
BMWX420d xDrive 8AT
BMWX420i xDrive 8AT
BMWX425d xDrive 8AT
BMWX430i xDrive 8AT
BMWX4xDrive20d 8AT
BMWX4xDrive20i 8AT
BMWX4xDrive28i 8AT
BMWX4xDrive30d 8AT
BMWX4xDrive35d 8AT
BMWX4xDrive35i 8AT
BMWX5sDrive25d 8AT
BMWX5sDrive35i 8AT
BMWX5xDrive25d 8AT
BMWX5xDrive30d 8AT
BMWX5xDrive35d 8AT
BMWX5xDrive35i 8AT
BMWX5xDrive40d 8AT
BMWX5xDrive50i 8AT
BMWX6sDrive35i 8AT
BMWX6xDrive30d 8AT
BMWX6xDrive35i 8AT
BMWX6xDrive40d 8AT
BMWX6xDrive50i 8AT
BMWZ435i TwinTurbo sDrive
BMWZ435is 3000 TwinTurbo
BMWZ4sDrive18i 8AT
BMWZ4sDrive20i 8AT
BMWZ4sDrive28i 8AT