Mercedes Benz EDC16C2 Details

Hexprog supports the following methods for EDC16C2:
  • Factory Mode (On Bench): You Don't need to open your EDC16C2.
  • Boot Mode: You need to open EDC16C2.

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Available Services in EDC16C2 for Hexprog users:
  • Delete Fault Code(s)
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation OFF
  • Diesel Particulate Filter OFF
  • throttle valve OFF
  • Swirl Valve OFF
  • Lambda Sensor OFF

You can request these services from Hexprog Portal

EDC16C2 Can be found in following Models
Mercedes BenzC-Class200 CDI 5AT
Mercedes BenzC-Class200 CDI 6MT
Mercedes BenzC-Class220 CDI 5AT
Mercedes BenzC-Class220 CDI 6MT
Mercedes BenzC-Class Sportcoupe200 CDI 6MT
Mercedes BenzC-Class Sportcoupe220 CDI 5AT
Mercedes BenzC-Class T-Model200 CDI 5AT
Mercedes BenzC-Class T-Model200 CDI 6MT
Mercedes BenzC-Class T-Model220 CDI 5AT
Mercedes BenzC-Class T-Model220 CDI 6MT
Mercedes BenzCLC200 CDI 6MT
Mercedes BenzCLC220 CDI 6MT
Mercedes BenzCLK220 CDI 6MT
Mercedes BenzE-Class200 CDI
Mercedes BenzE-Class200 CDI 6MT
Mercedes BenzE-Class220 CDI
Mercedes BenzE-Class220 CDI 6MT
Mercedes BenzE-Class270 CDI 6MT
Mercedes BenzE-Class280 CDI 5AT
Mercedes BenzE-Class320 CDI 5AT
Mercedes BenzE-Class T-Model220 CDI
Mercedes BenzE-Class T-Model220 CDI 6MT
Mercedes BenzE-Class T-Model270 CDI 6MT
Mercedes BenzE-Class T-Model280 CDI 5AT
Mercedes BenzE-Class T-Model320 CDI 5AT
Mercedes BenzS-Class320 CDI 5AT
Mercedes BenzSprinter209 CDI
Mercedes BenzSprinter211 CDI
Mercedes BenzSprinter215 CDI
Mercedes BenzSprinter309 CDI
Mercedes BenzSprinter311 CDI
Mercedes BenzSprinter315 CDI
Mercedes BenzSprinter409 CDI
Mercedes BenzSprinter411 CDI
Mercedes BenzSprinter415 CDI
Mercedes BenzSprinter511 CDI
Mercedes BenzSprinter515 CDI
Mercedes BenzViano2.0 CDI 5AT
Mercedes BenzViano2.2 CDI 5AT
Mercedes BenzVito109 CDI
Mercedes BenzVito111 CDI
Mercedes BenzVito115 CDI