Volkswagen IAW 4BV Details

Hexprog supports the following methods for IAW 4BV:
  • Boot Mode: You need to open IAW 4BV.

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Available Services in IAW 4BV for Hexprog users:
  • Delete Fault Code(s)
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation OFF
  • Lambda Sensor OFF

You can request these services from Hexprog Portal

IAW 4BV Can be found in following Models
VolkswagenFox1.0 5MT
VolkswagenFox1.0 Total Flex 5MT
VolkswagenFox1.0 Total Flex 5MT
VolkswagenGol1.0 Mi 5MT
VolkswagenGol1.0 Mi Flex 5MT
VolkswagenGol1.0 Total Flex 5MT