AutoHex II BMW Diagnostic Software Version 1.0.38

ISN Boot mode for Tricore
ISN Boot mode for Tricore

Autohex II BMW Diagnostic software update is available for Autohex BMW users.

  • BMW ISN from Tricore Ecus can be retrieved by this version. Users can reset working hours using this software to avoid the fault code: Incorrect Data when replacing the DME/DDE
  • FA Manager is supported in F series, users can save FA into files, restore the FA data, and manipulate the FA elements for retrofitting
  • Fixing an issue while coding some of new models of F series (2015-2016).

Important Notes:

  • You must uninstall the current version on your laptop/computer and install a new program from Autohex II downloads
  • The FA Manager has no texts (english meaning) for the FA elements, will be uploaded in next update.


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