AutoHex II BMW Diagnostic Software Version 1.0.41

On Bench Functions
On Bench Functions

Autohex II BMW Diagnostic software update is available for Autohex BMW users.

  • On Bench Functions: ISN Manager, CAS Firmware, Key Programming, FA manager, and Read/Erase Fault codes are available now, users don't need a valid FA to use these functions.
  • More F series ISN can be retrieved by OBD in this version (more for Europe, U.S.A, and China versions).
  • A Major enhancement in WVCI HW3, users are more safe while programming BMW Ecus even if USB disconnected for few seconds.
  • Coding and programming data for E series have been updated.
  • Fixing minor coding problems for new DMEs in F series.
  • Enhancing Ecu flashing in F series.

Important Note:

On Bench cable must be made by users, Autohex II HW3 Tricore cable will not work for these functions.


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