AutoHex II BMW Diagnostic Software Version 1.0.53

HU NBT HU ENTRY programming with ENET
HU NBT HU ENTRY programming with ENET

Autohex II BMW Diagnostic software update is available for Autohex BMW users.

A major improvment in F/G series ENET programming especially in MOST network modules like HU_NBT, HU_ENTRY, HU_CIC, KOMBI, DKOMBI,...etc. Users can be confident in programming these modules and in a 3 times shorter time than old4er versions of Autohex II.

Correcting the FA calculation in new models (some models in 2017 and up), no more synatx error messages while calculationg the car updates.

Adding possibilty of copying FA from KOMBI in Mini F56 series.

Correcting ISTA-D driver in F and G series.

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