AutoHex II BMW Diagnostic Software Version 1.0.68

Autohex II BMW software 1.0.68
Autohex II BMW software 1.0.68

Autohex II BMW Diagnostic software update is available for Autohex BMW users.

  •  BMW G series coding has been rebuilt from scratch, Autohex users can do coding and programming to latest 2022 BMW models.
  •  Flash and Coding data have been updated on servers and users’ data files.
  •  Vehicle Order parser for BMW Ecu update calculation has been improved to support 2022 models.
  •  FEM and BDC unlocking function have been enhanced.
  •  CAS4 and CAS4+ Mileage reset is supported starting from this version.
  •  On bench functions in E series have been enhanced to provide more stable communication between Ecu and software.
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