Hextag HexProg Software Version 1.0.14

HexProg Software Version 1.0.14

Hextag Software Version 1.0.14
Hextag Software Version 1.0.14

Hextag/Hexprog software now has 19 more Ecus in the cloning list added on 13 different models, we also made the factory mode more reilable in initializing, as well as fixing minore issues.

  • Added new brand Dacia and following ECU's : EDC17C42,EDC17C84,Continental EMS3110,SID305
  • Added new brand Mahindra and following ECU's: EDC17C55,EDC17C63,EDC17CP55
  • Added new brand Jac and following ECU:EDC17C63
  • Added new brand Smart and following ECU's:ME17.7.20,ME17.9.20
  • Added following for FIAT: EDC17C84
  • Added following for Hyundai: MEG17.9.13,SIM2K-241,SIM2K-341 TC1738,SIM2K-341 TC1766
  • Added following for Kia: SIM2K-240
  • Added following for Mercedes-Benz:EDC17C42, EDC17C84, SID305
  • Added following for Nissan: EDC17C11,EDC17C42,EDC17C84,SID305
  • Added following for Opel: EDC17C11,EDC17C42 TC1766, EDC17C42 TC1767, EDC17C84
  • Added following for Porsche:SDI3,SDI4
  • Added following for Renault: EDC17C11,EDC17C42,EDC17C84,EDC17CP19,EDC17CP58,EMS3110,ME17.9.20,SID305
  • Added following for Volkswagen: EDC17CP54,ME17.5.26
  • Factory mode is perfect in initializing with Ecus.
  • SIMOS 18.1, SIMOS 18.2,.. Password calculation has been fixed.