HexProg Software Version 1.0.21

HexProg Software Version 1.0.21

Hexprog Software version 1.0.21
Hexprog Software version 1.0.21

Hextag/Hexprog software now has 56 more Ecus in the cloning list. In this release Hextag extends the supported Micro-controllers, it is able to read/write Ecus with ST10.

  • Added following for Alfa Romeo:Bosch MED7.1.1,MED7.6.2
  • Added following for Audi:Bosch ME7.1,ME7.1.1,ME7.1.5,ME7.5,ME7.5.5,MED17.1.27,MED17.1.61,MED17.1.62
  • Added new brand Baic and following ECU's:Bosch ME7.8.8
  • Added following for Bentley:Bosch ME7.1.1
  • Added following for BMW:Bosch ME7.2
  • Added new brand Cupra and following ECU's:Bosch  MG1CS001
  • Added new brand Donkervoort and following ECU's:Bosch ME7.5.5
  • Added following for Ford:Bosch ME7.1
  • Added new brand Great Wall Motoors and following ECU's:Bosch ME7.8.8
  • Added following for Hyundai:Bosch MG7.9.7,Bosch MG7.9.8
  • Added following for Land Rover:Bosch ME7.2
  • Added new brand Mitsubishi and following ECU's:Bosch ME7.7.1
  • Added following for Opel:Bosch ME7.6.4
  • Added following for Porsche:Bosch ME7.1.1
  • Added following for Seat:Bosch ME7.1,ME7.1.1,ME7.5,ME7.5.10,ME7.5.5
  • Added following for Skoda:Bosch    ME7.1,ME7.1.5,ME7.5,ME7.5.10,ME7.5.5
  • Added new brand Troller and following ECU's:Continental    SID208
  • Added following for VW:Bosch ME7.1,ME7.1.1,ME7.5,ME7.5.10,ME7.5.5


Ecus with ST10 Micro-controllers require Hexprog Power Module to work with Hextag.

Supported Ecu List can be found here: Hexprog Ecu Cloning List