HexProg Software Version 1.0.30

HexProg Software Version 1.0.30

Hextag/Hexprog software 1.0.30
Hextag/Hexprog software 1.0.30

A big list of Ecus have been added in this version. We also add Factory mode to some Ecus they are already in Hexprog supported list.

New Ecus:

  • Alfa Romeo: Bosch EDC16C39
  • Audi: Bosch EDC16C4
  • BMW: Bosch ME9
  • Buick: Bosch EDC16C39
  • Chevrolet: Bosch EDC16C39, EDC16C9
  • Chrysler: Bosch EDC16C2
  • Citroen: Bosch EDC16C34, EDC16CP39
  • Daewoo: Bosch EDC16C39
  • Effedi: Bosch EDC16C39
  • FIAT: Bosch EDC16C39
  • Ford: Continental EMS2510
  • Ford: Bosch MD1CP006, MEDG9.8
  • Hyundai: Kefico CPEGD 2.20.1, CPEGD 2.20.2
  • Hyundai: Bosch EDC16C39, MEG17.9.8
  • Hyundai: Continental SIM2K-240
  • Infiniti: Delphi CRD3
  • Jeep: Bosch EDC16C2
  • JMC: Bosch EDC17C55
  • Kia: Kefico CPEGD 2.20.1
  • Kia: Bosch EDC16C39
  • Kia: Continental SIM2K-251
  • Lamborghini: Bosch MG1CS008
  • Lancia: Bosch EDC16C39, EDC16CP39
  • Mahindra: Bosch EDC16C39
  • Mercedes Benz: Delphi CRD3.7, CRD3.F1, CRD3P.C0
  • Mercedes Benz: Bosch EDC16CP31, EDC16CP36, MG1CP002
  • Mitsubishi: Bosch EDC16CP39, MD1CS006
  • Nissan: Bosch EDC16C36, EDC16CP36
  • Opel: Bosch EDC16C36, EDC16C39, EDC16C39, EDC16CP33, MG1CS042
  • Porsche: Bosch MG1CS008
  • Renault: Bosch EDC16C36
  • Rolls Royce: Bosch MG1CS024
  • Saab: Bosch EDC16C39
  • Saturn: Bosch EDC16C39
  • Seat: Bosch MG1CS111
  • Skoda: Bosch MG1CS111
  • Smart: Bosch EDC16C32
  • Suzuki: Bosch EDC16C3
  • Toyota: Bosch MG1CS024 , MG1CS201
  • Vauxhall: Bosch EDC16C39
  • Volkswagen: Bosch MD1CS004, Bosch MG1CS111
  • Volvo: Bosch EDC16C31

Factory Mode Support:

  • Alfa Romeo: Bosch EDC16C8
  • Audi: Bosch EDC16CP34, EDC16CP34 MS, EDC16U1, EDC17CP24, EDC17CP24 MS, MED17.1, MED9.1, MED9.1.5, MED9.5.10
  • BMW: Bosch EDC16C31 MS
  • FIAT: Bosch EDC16C8, EDC16C9
  • Ford: Bosch EDC16C3, EDC16C7
  • KTM: Bosch MED9.1
  • Lancia: Bosch EDC16C8
  • Mazda: Bosch EDC16C3, EDC16C7-7
  • Mercedes Benz: Bosch EDC16C2, EDC16C32, EDC16CP31
  • Peugeot: Bosch EDC16C34
  • Seat: Bosch EDC16U1, EDC16U34, MED9.1, MED9.5.10
  • Skoda: Bosch EDC16U1, EDC16U34, MED9.1, MED9.5.10
  • Volkswagen: Bosch EDC16CP34, EDC16U1, EDC16U1 MS, EDC16U2.1 MS, EDC16U31, EDC16U31 MS, EDC16U34, EDC17CP24, MED9.1
  • Volvo: Bosch EDC16C34

Supported Ecu List can be found here: Hexprog Ecu Cloning List