HexProg Software Version 1.0.26

Hexprog user interface options
Hexprog user interface options

This update brings a new user interface to Hexprog users. It adds more features to make it eaier for using the software such sorting the lists as well as search of Ecus based on part number, users have the option to chose between the old user interface and the new one.

More supported EEPROMs in this version such as: 93LC46, 93LC56, 93LC66, 93LC76, 93LC86.

FRM3 1L15Y and 1N35H are supported in this version.

Hexprog Ecu cloning tuning user interface
Hexprog Ecu cloning tuning user interface

For Ecu cloning/Tuning, this version adds 70+ Ecus to the supported Ecus list for cloning/tuning.

  • Alfa Romeo : Magneti Marelli IAW 5SF
  • Alpina: Bosch ME9.2.2
  • Audi: Bosch EDC16CP34 ,Bosch EDC16CP34, Bosch MED17.1.1, Bosch MG1CS011, Continental Simos 8.3, Continental Simos 8.4, Continental Simos 8.5
  • Baic: Delphi MT80
  • Bentley: Bosch MED17.1.1
  • BMW: Bosch EDC16C1, Bosch EDC16C31, Bosch EDC16C31 MS, Continental MSS60 L, Continental MSS60 R
  • Chery: Bosch ME17.8.8
  • Citroen: Continental SID803
  • Dacia: Bosch MD1CS006
  • FIAT: Bosch EDC16C39, Magneti Marelli IAW 5SF, Continental SID803A
  • Ford: Continental EMS2511, Magneti Marelli IAW 5SF8.K2, Bosch MD1CS005, Bosch MG1CS018, Continental SID204, Continental SID803
  • Geely : Delphi MT80
  • Holden : Bosch EDC16C9
  • Honda: Bosch EDC16C1-7, Bosch EDC16C7
  • Hyundai: Bosch MEG17.9.21
  • Jaguar: Continental SID201, Continental SID204
  • Kia: Bosch MEG17.9.21
  • Lancia: Bosch EDC16C39, Magneti Marelli IAW 5SF, Continental SID803A
  • Land Rover: Bosch EDC16CP39
  • Mercedes-Benz: Siemens SIM266
  • Mini: Bosch MEV17.2
  • Mitsubishi Fuso: Bosch EDC17C49
  • Nissan: Bosch MD1CS006
  • Opel: Bosch EDC16C3, Bosch EDC16C9
  • Peugeot: Bosch EDC16C39, Bosch ME7.4.4, Bosch ME7.4.5, Bosch MG1CS042, Continental SID803
  • Porsche: Continental Simos 8.5
  • Qoros: Bosch ME17.8.8
  • Renault: Bosch EDC16C3, Bosch EDC16CP33, Bosch MD1CS006
  • Saab: Bosch EDC16C9
  • Saic: Bosch MD1CS089
  • Saic Mg: Bosch ME17.8.8
  • Saturn: Bosch EDC16C9
  • Seat: Bosch MG1CS011
  • Skoda: Bosch MG1CS011
  • Subaru: Bosch ME9.0
  • Suzuki: Bosch EDC16C39Toyota: Bosch EDC16C10
  • Vauxhall: Bosch EDC16C9
  • Volkswagen: Bosch MED17.1.1, Bosch MG1CS011, Continental Simos 8.3, Continental Simos 8.5
  • Volvo: Bosch EDC16C31, Bosch ME9.0, Bosch ME9.0C, Continental SID803

Supported Ecu List can be found here: Hexprog Ecu Cloning List

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