HexProg Software Version 1.0.28

Hexprog 1.0.28
Hexprog 1.0.28

More Ecus from MDG1 are avialble in this version, we also improved the new user intrface for Ecu cloning/Chip tuning for old versions of Windows 7.

  • Improved the EEPROM Erase function to be more reliable and faster.
  • Added Citroen Bosch MD1CS003
  • Added Dacia Bosch MD1CS006
  • Added Hyundai Kefico CPGDSH1.26.X
  • Added Mercedes Benz Bosch MD1CS006
  • Added Opel Bosch MD1CS003
  • Added Peugeot Bosch MD1CS003
  • Added Toyota Bosch MD1CS003

Supported Ecu list can be found here



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