HexProg Software Version 1.0.47

Hexprog Trucks Ecus are supported
Hexprog Trucks Ecus are supported

Starting from this version Hexprog users can work with trucks Ecus/Tcus, some important trucks Ecus are supported now.

We also added more Ecus from DELCO in boot mode.

Trucks Ecus:

  •  Ford Truck: Bosch EDC7C1, EDC7C1/C2
  •  Foton Bosch: DCU17, EDC17C55
  •  Freightliner: Continental ACM2, Temic DDEC6
  •  International: Bosch EDC17CV42
  •  Isuzu: Denso 275700-7082 SH72546 ECU and TCU (Boot and factory Mode)
  •  Iveco: Bosch EDC17C49, EDC17C69, EDC17CP52, EDC17CV41 
  •  MACK: Continental ACM
  •  Mahindra: Bosch EDC17CV54 TC1767
  •  Mercedes Truck: Continental MCM2.1, Temic DDE6
  •  Mitsubishi Fuso: Bosch EDC17CV54
  •  Renault Truck: TRW EMS2 E5, EMS2.2, Bosch EDC17C42 TC1767 ECU
  •  Ud TRW EMS2 E5
  •  Volvo Continental ACM, TRW EMS2 E5, EMS2.2
  •  Western Star Detroit DDEC 10, DDEC 13


  •  Buick: ACDelco E39A, E78
  •  Chevrolet: ACDelco E39, E39A, E78, E87
  •  Dodge: Denso 39199-4ADN0, Magneti Marelli 8GMF
  •  Holden: ACDelco E39A, E78, E87
  •  Hyundai: Denso 39199-4ADN0
  •  Mazda: Denso SH1R
  •  Mitsubishi: Denso 275722-4810
  •  Opel: ACDelco E39A, E78, E87 
  •  Saab: ACDelco E39
  •  Seat: Delphi DCM3.7
  •  Skoda: Delphi DCM3.7
  •  Subaru: Denso SH72543
  •  Vauxhall: ACDelco E39A, E78
  •  Volkswagen: Delphi DCM3.7


You can check Hexprog supported Ecu list

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