Hexprog Tuner for Hexprog and Hextag Version 1.0.68

Hexprog Tuner for Hexprog and Hextag
Hexprog Tuner for Hexprog and Hextag

Hexprog Tuner version 1.0.68 is ready for all Hexprog and Hextag users, we added more features in this release as we noted a lot of users are demanding these features.

  • Users can save the Ecu Identification when the Ecu is identified by OBD. A new Save button will appear once the Ecu has been identified (See the picture below).
  • Starting from this version, users will have log files upon working with most of Ecus, the log file will contain important information like the Microcontroller Unique ID, and the passwords (if applicable).
  • We fixed the problem of showing the output voltage and current which was existing in some versions of Hextag.
New Save button in Hexprog Tuner
New Save button in Hexprog Tuner

Important Notes:

  1. This software will work perfectly with Hextag, Hexprog and the new tool Hexprog II
  2. The old software will not have further updates next month, we encourage users to start using this software to be familiar with.

You can download the software from Hexprog Download Page

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