How to Clone CRD3 Ecu On bench

Mercedes Benz CRD3 Ecu
Mercedes Benz CRD3 Ecu

Delphi CRD3 Ecu is widely used in Mercedes Benz as well as it is available in some of Infiniti cars, HexProg can read and write this ECU in both Factory Mode ( On Bench) and Boot Mode. You can clone or modify the CRD3 in both modes using Hexprog Ecu Cloning Tool.

As HexProg supports this ECU in factory mode it is a simple procedure to clone CRD3 ECU by making both original and donor ECU data backup and restoring that original data to the donor ECU. As this ECU doesn’t have the security information in the OTP area, this ECU will be cloned straight forward.

CRD3 On bench Cloning using Hexprog
CRD3 On bench Cloning using Hexprog

There are different versions of CRD3 ECUs present in Mercedes and Inifiniti:

  • CRD3, CRD3.7, and CRD3s2 equiped with Infinion Tricore TC1797.
  • CRD3.e1, CRD3.f1, CRD3p.b0, CRD3p.c0, CRD3p.d1, and CRD3p.g0 equiped with Infinion Tricore TC1793.

All these versions are supported in HexProg. Please check the below video.

Other services supported

Apart from cloning CRD3, HexProg can be used to modify the P flash according to the user’s needs and write back, HexProg software will do auto checksum. From our online service platform, we support various services like DPF off, EGR off and DTC off, etc for CRD3. It can be done from the online service from our server from Hexprog Online Services. Please check the below video for a better understanding.

Last Update: 7/18/2023
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