Reading ISN From DME/DDE in Factory Mode

Autohex II MDG1 ISN read/write
Autohex II MDG1 ISN read/write

An excellent tool makes the user's job easier. We can say the same thing for Autohex II, due to its strong security, getting data from BMW's engine ECUs has been challenging in the past. Then there's Autohex, which can accomplish it in a matter of seconds in certain BMW engine ECUs.

To read and write ISN, most of the tools available in the market need opening or drilling a hole in the BMW ecu. As a result, customers will lose their warranties and their ECUs will be damaged. Autohex is a remarkable tool that allows you to do ECU ISN in factory mode, which means without having to open or drill a hole in the ECU's chest.

We have extremely happy customers all around the world who use Autohex for factory mode and BMW ISN in a matter of seconds without interfering with the hardware.

In BMW vehicle models, ISN is necessary in situations such as replacing the ECU with a used one, key programming, and so on. The ISN for the F and G series has been stored in a very secure manner from the factory to prevent it from being read or written, particularly via OBD mode.

In Autohex, the technique is quite basic and straightforward. Our user interface makes it possible to read and write in only two clicks. Users can utilize easier wiring diagrams to connect the provided wires to the ECU pins.

Bosch ECUs

In terms of ISN, the E series is much easier than the F and G series. In BMW, the E series is less secure in terms of DME ISN. So that the majority of the E series DMEs and DDEs can be done using only the OBD, which Autohex is capable of.

ISN Bosch ECU List
ISN Bosch ECU List

However, DME and DDE in the F series have ISN stored in them as a security feature. There are several DMEs such as MEV172, MEVD172, MEVD1723, MEVD1724, MEVD1725, MEVD1726, MEVD1728, and so on. Also known AS EDC17C45, EDC17CP50, EDC17CP02, EDC17CP09, and other variations. Autohex is the only tool capable of reading and writing all of these ECUs for ISN.

G series ECUs such as the MG1 and MD1 may also be programmed in Autohex in factory mode. The factory mode option in Autohex is meant to make it simple to read and write ISN from these latest ECUs without having to open the cover or solder anything. The majority of the ECUs on the list support both read and write, while a few only supports reading ISN mode.

Supported ISN for Bosch MDG1
Supported ISN for Bosch MDG1

You can see how simple it is to read and write ISN using Autohex. Below Video shows how easy to read/write ISN from any DME/DDE in BMW.

Autohex II ISN Factory Mode

To read and write ISN in factory mode, Autohex simply needs a 12v 3a ac/dc converter. While working with Autohex, a real-time voltage surge protection is installed to protect ECUs from unexpected voltage and current variations.

On this mode, there are also options to reset working hours via the ECU. If you replace ECUs with old ones without first resetting the working hours, the donor ECU may develop a defect called "Incorrect data record" and lose power. However, performing a factory mode working hours reset during ECU replacements might assist to resolve this issue.


ISN read/write from Continental
ISN read/write from Continental

Continental ECUs are generally difficult to crack in terms of security. Doing MSD80, MSD81, MSD85, MSD87 and MSV90 ECUs used to be a nightmare. To cope with those ECUs, we now have Autohex. The only tool that can handle these continental ECUs in factory mode is Autohex. These ECUs may be read in factory mode by Autohex. There's no need to disassemble the ECUs or drill a hole in it. With just a few wires connected to the pins, Autohex can read and write ECUs.

ISN reading from MSD80
ISN reading from MSD80

We offer a specialized continental ECUs option in addition to the Bosch ECUs. In general, we can easily work with Bosch and Continental ECUs in a way that no other tool in the market can.

MDG1 read Write ISN
Last Update: 5/20/2022
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