Autohex II BMW Advanced Functions

Autohex II BMW Advanced functions
Autohex II BMW Advanced functions

Autohex II for BMW is full of advanced functions that will help you to solve problems you thought they are out of your hands.

You can program any BMW Ecu if it is used or new, some Ecus must have further actions before or after flashing, for example: DME and DDE flashing is not enough to start the car, you must match the ISN between DME and CAS.

DME and DDE ISN read and write as well as CAS ISN read and write functions, make you able to perform changing DME and CAS easily, also this function helps a lot in Key Programming.

You also can program keys in BMW using Autohex II, it supports all versions of CAS (1 to 4+), you will find there is an easy solution to solve the case of: All keys lost.

Last Update: 12/8/2020
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