Program BMW key using a prepared key

This function is used to program any type of BMW keys (Transponder, remote, Keyless Go), and it can program a blank key ( HTag Pro BMW key programming tool must be available), or a used key with data file (saved from another CAS, or prepared before by Htag Pro BMW key programmer).

If the CAS is encrypted (CAS3+) it is required sometimes to have a working key, if you don't have a working key, you must use the function BMW Key programming when all key lost.

Program BMW key using a prepared key
Program BMW key using a prepared key

You must select the key number, then you can load the data file (or prepare a blank key by Htag Pro) , then clicks on 'SET'

If you want to use a blank BMW key, you can prepare it by Htag Pro key programmer:

  • Connect the HTag Pro to USB.
  • Insert the blank key in Htag Pro.
  • Click the button ‘Tag key' as seen the picture (the yellow button).

Autohex II BMW Software will prepare the key and generate a data file for future use, and will fill automatically the text boxes in this window. Now you have to click on ‘SET’ to transfer these data to the CAS, then you are done.

Prepare a BMW Key by HTag Pro
Prepare a BMW Key by HTag Pro

Programming Wireless keys – Keyless Go keys

Some of E series models equipped with keyless go and keyless entry feature. Autohex II can program this type of keys.

Keyless Go value must be changed to 005B00
Keyless Go value must be changed to 005B00

Autohex II usually is able to detect the wireless keys from the remote keys. However, there are some chips of keys can be used for both remote and keyless go key. Autohex will use the default values as a remote key.

If you want to program a keyless Go key consider the following:

  • The key slot SHOULD be in position 1 or 2 (if you select another position, it works as a remote only)
  • Before you click on ‘SET’, make sure that the value in Key Status Filed is 005B00 (default value for Remote key is 004B00), see above picture more more understanding.
Last Update: 9/8/2016
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