How to replace BMW F/G series DME/DDE

BMW ISN read and write in Autohex II
BMW ISN read and write in Autohex II

In the case of F series, you can use ISN factory mode to read ISN and swap the ISN stored in DME. Some DMEs (Gasoline models) in F series support changing read ISN by OBD mode itself up to 2012 models in that case you can try to replace ISN from original to donor ECU OBD mode. Most of the ECUs including all DDEs don’t support this feature of OBD ISN reading and editing, especially the F series above 2012 models in that case customers can rely on the innovative factory mode option to read and write ISN from ECU.

ISN Reading By OBD
ISN Reading By OBD

On OBD if you see the status of ISN Mode is Read/Write you can match ISN as follow:

  1. Read ISN from old DME/DDE, and save it as a file (see above picture).
  2. Replace the defected DME/DDE with the donor.
  3. Write the saved ISN from original DME/DDE into this Ecu.
  4. Go to Indiv programming and program the Ecu to adapt VIN.
  5. You are done! Start the car

When coming to factory mode option, you can read and write ECU on bench just by plugging wires into the ECU and also it mandatory to reset working hours if higher than 0 on the donor ECU so that can avoid the incorrect data record fault.

ISN Read and write list of F series
ISN Read and write list of F series

More details on factory mode can be seen in ISN read/write in factory mode.

ISN Read/Write in BMW G series

ISN Read and write list of G series
ISN Read and write list of G series

When it comes to the G series only AutoHex can read and write ISN on G series ECUs. Even though ISN reading is supported on most of the G series ECUs presently, however writing ISN is limited to MG1/MD1 with SPC CPU in it only. The one with Tricore CPU is only supported for reading ISN.

In case of G series ECU replacement communication with original ECU is mandatory so that ISN can be read from the original ECU and write that ISN to donor in factory mode option.

Once ISN is matched between ECU or between Body control to ECU its mandatory to do programming for ECU in case of F/G series to adapt VIN from the car. This can be achieved from Indiv programming feature of AutoHex itself.

More information about Programming with Autohex. Check Autohex II BMW Programming.

Last Update: 6/5/2022
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