CAS Firmware failed condition

BMW CAS Failure
BMW CAS Failure

It is very common in encrypted CAS3+ especially flash version 9287535 to fail OBD while downgrading CAS.

Autohex is the most safe tool available in market to do CAS3+ encrypted (and other versions of CAS) with least number of failures while other tools cause this damage regularly.  Despite being the safest tool due to the high risky flash version downgrade can go wrong in some cases with Autohex also which happens rarely.

The car will have no ignition and customers always misunderstood this situation thinking CAS is damaged and corrupted permanently. The one of the remarkables features of Hexprog software comes into action for saving in these cases. CAS corrupted in any other tools also can be repaired in Hexprog in hassle free and simple operations.

By using Hexprog software, the corrupted CAS can be recovered back alive and rectified without changing any physical hardware or keys, ISN of the car. The CAS is actually in programming mode in this situation of failure, that is the reason for no ignition. To resolve it, just follow the easy steps below:

  1. Read CAS EEPROM using Hexprog software, once reading completed from edit option in the software you can see if it is in programming mode or normal mode.
  2. Change status to normal mode then click on save and write it back to CAS (read again to confirm the changes to normal mode).
  3. As this failure for downgrade is caused by flash version it is mandatory to change the flash inside CAS. So, users can contact our customer support team who can provide with upgraded flash version like 9389115, 9389116 etc.
  4. Once above steps are done car will lit up and all will be back to normal once you connect CAS back to car.
Reapair CAS by Hexprog software
Reapair CAS by Hexprog software

However, for customers with Autohex before going for the Hexprog steps you can always try to do the CAS firmware again because in some cases even it failed CAS will not be in programming mode so multiple attempts to do CAS firmware will bring a success OBD mode itself.

Autohex packages with programming feature can do the Indiv programming of CAS first in above failure, if CAS in programming mode it will result in an error there which resembles to proceed with Hexprog steps.

In addition, for users with programming package we always recommend customers to program the CAS if it is with flash version 9287535 being the risky flash number for OBD firmware.

CAS Firmware in Autohex II
CAS Firmware in Autohex II

Important Note:

There are very high chances for users misunderstanding the no ignition or only ELV light on situation when CAS downgrading completed without any error with CAS corrupted condition. Despite no ignition, it is totally normal for BMW cars to lose ignition when CAS is under downgraded state, one just to need to proceed with their desired job and at the end restore CAS from same CAS firmware option in Autohex software which will bring the ignition and car back alive.

Last Update: 5/20/2022
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