BMW 5 Series
BMW 5 Series

Cloning BMW MSV90 DME poses a significant challenge due to their advanced security features and the presence of a TriCore password. In particular, Continental MSV90 ECUs store the TriCore password in their flash memory, making it crucial not to alter or overwrite this portion when performing ECU Cloning Job.

ECU Programming for the MSV90 involves modifying the software and parameters within the ECU to achieve specific performance or functional enhancements. In addition to performance enhancements, ECU Programming can also focus on improving fuel efficiency. By adjusting fuel maps, air-fuel ratios, and other parameters, it's possible to achieve better fuel economy without sacrificing performance.

ECU Programming for the MSV90 is a complex task that requires expertise. It is essential to have a good understanding of BMW engine management systems and the specific intricacies of the MSV90 platform. Additionally, using appropriate ECU Programming tools is crucial to ensure proper programming and optimal results.

To address this concern, HexProg II ECU Chip Tuning and ECU Programming Tool is highly recommended as it ensures the preservation of the ECU password during the cloning process.  An appealing aspect of HexProg II is its ability to clone the MSV90 ECU in Bench Mode, eliminating the need to physically open the ECU cover. By following the provided software wiring instructions and connecting the corresponding wires to the ECU pins, successful cloning can be achieved.

MSV90 Continental ECU
MSV90 Continental ECU

Aside from its ECU Cloning and ECU read/write capabilities for MSV90, HexProg II Tuner software also features a special function called READ ISN. This function enables users to retrieve the MSV90 DME ISN (Internal Security Number) in both Bench and Boot Modes, extending its support for cloning purposes.

In the case of many Bosch ECUs, cloning can be accomplished by creating a backup of both the original and donor ECUs and subsequently restoring the original backup to the donor ECU. This method ensures the transfer of essential data, as these ECUs possess a TriCore password stored in the OTP (One-Time Programmable) portion. Consequently, data in these OTP sections remain intact, allowing for cloning without compromising the TriCore password.

However, the cloning process for MSV90 DMEs differs from the method described above. It is crucial to safeguard the password of the ECU during cloning. To address this requirement, HexProg II offers a dedicated clone button that facilitates the safe and secure cloning of MSV90 ECUs.

HexProg II Tuner MSV90
HexProg II Tuner MSV90

Steps to perform a successful MSV90 cloning using HexProg II:

  1. Launch the HexProg II Tuner software and select the MSV90 ECU and proceed by selecting the bench mode.
  2. Begin by creating backups of both the original and donor MSV90 ECUs.'You can access the connection from the "wiring" button'.
  3. Connect the original MSV90 ECU to HexProg II and click the "Clone" button to begin the cloning process.
  4. The software will prompt you to select the original MSV90 ECU. Follow the on-screen instructions to choose the correct ECU.
  5. Once the software reads the data from the original MSV90 ECU, it will ask you to connect the donor MSV90 ECU.
  6. Connect the donor MSV90 ECU to HexProg II, and then proceed with the cloning process by clicking the "OK" button in the HexProg II Tuner software.
  7. The software will transfer the data from the original ECU to the donor ECU without modifying the password stored within the donor ECU.
  8. Wait for the cloning process to complete. The duration may vary depending on the data size.
  9. Once the cloning process finishes, the software will notify you of the successful completion. Disconnect both the original and donor ECUs from HexProg II. Test the cloned ECU by installing it in the vehicle. Ensure it functions properly and meets your requirements.

Failure to follow the aforementioned method may result in the alteration of the donor ECU password, rendering it unreadable in Bench Mode and potentially causing issues with the vehicle. However, if the original ECU file is still available, it is possible to recover the ECU. HexProg II Tuner saves each ECU password on the PC's database as well as online in our server when unlocking the ECU for read/write operations. Consequently, if the password is lost, but the original ECU file is accessible, it is possible to restore the ECU to its original state using Boot Mode operation. This process effectively restores the password in the ECU's P flash, resolving any issues and returning the ECU to normal functionality. There are chances for this ECU to clone badly by some other tools or by someone in that case ECU may not be possible to unlock and read data as the original file is not available.

Other Services Supported

Furthermore, beyond its expertise in duplicating the MSV90, HexProg II ECU Chip Tuning Tool and ECU Programming Tool offers advanced features to modify the internal flash according to the specific needs of users. Our online service platform caters to a diverse set of needs for this ECU, offering service such as DTC Removal. Users can access these services conveniently through their accounts on The platform also shows comparative charges for the service.  Moreover, users can enhance performance seamlessly by engaging in stage tuning with the use of third-party software.

With HexProg II Tuner software goes beyond simplifying the process of writing modified flash to the ECU. It offers users a comprehensive solution by seamlessly conducting checksum calculations, thereby not only ensuring data accuracy and reliability but also delivering a sophisticated tuning experience that optimizes performance to the highest standards. 

It is strongly recommended to create backups of all ECUs before making any modifications or performing cloning procedures. This practice ensures that the ECU can be restored to its original state if needed and serves as a precautionary measure for future safety purposes.

More Info about MSV90

HexProg II is a specialized ECU chip tuning tool that can read and write all contents of the MSV90 ECU using various methods. For more detailed information about the MSV90 and the capabilities of HexProg II tool, you can refer to the following links:

Please visit the provided links to learn more about the MSV90 ECU and HexProg II tool for ECU chip tuning

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