Mercedes Benz  and Infiniti SID310
Mercedes Benz and Infiniti SID310

Continental SID310 ECU is a widely used major ECU in various car brands such as Mercedes Benz, Infiniti, Nissan, Renault, Dacia, and Opel. Breaking the password of the SID310 ECU requires specialized knowledge and skills. Automotive mechanics and tuners have encountered difficulties when working with this ECU, particularly when it comes to ECU Programming, ECU Cloning, and ECU advanced modifications. However, Hexprog II offers a comprehensive solution by unlocking the ECU's security, enabling easy data reading, writing, programming, cloning, and advanced customization.

Hexprog II is a powerful ECU Chip Tuning and ECU Programming Tool specifically designed to work with the SID310 ECU, offering a wide range of capabilities. It allows mechanics and tuners to read, write, program, and clone the SID310 ECU in both Bench Mode and Boot Mode, depending on the manufacturer's specifications. Hexprog II Tuner software provides an intuitive interface with dedicated buttons and functions for each operation, including ECU Programming, ECU Cloning, and ECU advanced modifications. This level of control empowers users to make precise adjustments to the ECU's parameters, optimize performance settings, and even create duplicate ECUs for testing or backup purposes.

It's important to note that different automakers may implement varying security measures in the SID310 ECU, which means the procedures for programming, cloning, and modifications may differ slightly for each brand. However, Hexprog II is designed to handle these variations and provide the necessary flexibility to adapt to different manufacturer requirements. The tool's comprehensive database and constant updates ensure compatibility with the latest ECU firmware versions, allowing mechanics and tuners to work with confidence on a wide range of vehicles.

With the help of Hexprog II, mechanics and tuners gain full access to the extensive functionality of the SID310 ECU. They can perform tasks such as data manipulation, ECU Tuning, ECU Programming, ECU Cloning, and ECU advanced modifications with ease and precision. Hexprog II simplifies the otherwise complex process, making it more efficient and effective for working with the Continental SID310 ECU across various car brands. Whether it's enhancing engine performance, optimizing fuel efficiency, or implementing custom features

On Mercedes Benz

ECU programming and ECU Chip Tuning are essential processes for customizing and optimizing Mercedes Benz and Infiniti vehicles, particularly with their SID310 ECUs. These ECUs offer lower levels of protection, enabling direct reading through the ECU On Bench method. With ECU Programming and chip tuning, users can unlock the full potential of their vehicles' performance.

Hexprog II, a powerful ECU Programming Tool, supports Bench Mode for these two brands, eliminating the need to physically open the ECU. Through ECU programming, users can clone and modify the ECUs, including Chip Tuning for enhanced performance.

To clone an SID310 ECU, the original SID310 ECU is connected to Hexprog II On Bench, and the software guides the cloning process. Once the original ECU reading is complete, the software prompts users to connect the donor SID310 ECU. Hexprog II ensures the preservation of the donor ECU's password, crucial for future ECU compatibility and unlocking during subsequent reading sessions.

To ensure ECU safety during the programming and Chip Tuning process, it is recommended to create backups of both the original and donor ECU data. ECU programming allows for precise modifications to optimize performance, including adjustments to fuel maps, ignition timing, and other engine parameters.

The modified SID310 ECU file, including the Chip Tuning adjustments, can be written back to the ECU without altering the tricore password. This process maintains compatibility and security while delivering the desired performance enhancements.

ECU Programming and Chip Tuning offer Mercedes Benz and Infiniti owners the opportunity to fully customize their vehicles' performance characteristics. By leveraging these processes with Hexprog II, users can unleash the true potential of their vehicles while ensuring compatibility, security, and a seamless tuning experience for the SID310 ECUs.

Mercedes Benz SID310 HexProg II tuner
Mercedes Benz SID310 HexProg II tuner

Other Auto-makers

The SID310 ECU used in Nissan-Renault, Dacia, and Opel vehicles is designed to be highly secure, with a password protection system implemented to prevent unauthorized access to its data. This password is in place to safeguard against any unwanted manipulation or tampering with the ECU.

To perform tasks such as Ecu Repair, ECU Cloning, or read-write operations on the SID310 ECU, it is necessary to retrieve the OBD password from the respective vehicles of Nissan, Renault, Dacia, or Opel. In Hexprog II Tuner software, there is an option available to retrieve this OBD password, but it can only be done in boot mode due to the enhanced security of the ECU.

Nissan SID310 HexProg II tuner
Nissan SID310 HexProg II tuner

To unlock the ECU and gain access to the boot mode for Ecu Repair, the OBD password retrieval process must be completed first. Once the unlock process is successfully executed, the ECU can be connected in boot mode, following the provided wiring diagram. Once in boot mode, the ECU will be fully functional for reading and writing the necessary data, enabling ecu repair and other operations.

Note: Some of the Mercedes models are equipped with the SID310 ECUs from Nissan-Renault Engine, so these ECUs may need to unlock OBD from Nissan/Renault option even if the car is Mercedes-Benz and to be done in Boot Mode.


More Info about SID310

HexProg II is a highly specialized tool designed specifically for ECU chip tuning. It possesses the remarkable capability to efficiently read and write all contents of the SID310 ECU, utilizing a variety of methods for this purpose. For more comprehensive information about the SID310 ECU and the extensive functionalities offered by the HexProg II tool, you can explore the following links: 

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