BMW EGS 6HP and 8HP EWS Reset


EGS is the computer which controls the commands to shift gear with the valve body. The valve body and EGS together are called Mechatronics which makes automatic gear shift possible in the car. As BMW came up with different variants and models throughout the decades, as with other controls like DME-DDE and CAS-FEM-BDC, EGS also evolved its security through time.

First-generation EGS in E series models have no internal security number also called ISN. Basically, these EGS just need to code on the car with AutoHex II it will adapt VIN from the car and works afterward.

But for some models in the E series, EGS have ISN stored to pair with DME/DDE and CAS. In later models like the F series and the G series all EGS comes with ISN to enhance the security of parts and controller used. 

Autohex II supports EGS EWS Reset and ISN reading from all available models.

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BMW E Series EGS ISN Reset:

As explained above some models in the E series have EGS ISN. In these models EGS is in two types 6hp EGS and 8hp EGS. These two EGS have a different kind of ISN security.


6HP EGS Reset in BMW E series
6HP EGS Reset in BMW E series

Only E70 and E71 come with EWS security in 6HP EGS. All other car models in the E series can be replaced with used EGS just by doing coding from Indiv coding.

6HP Transmission with security (EWS Active) can be unlocked with the help of AutoHex. Matching EGS ISN with CAS and DME is easy as one click in ISN manager on the car OBD itself.

From ISN Manager in E series, use option 3 in Autohex software for matching EGS ISN with CAS. AutoHex will match EGS and CAS all in automated steps.

Additionally, 6HP EGS ISN is also needed for programming a new key on these models when all keys are lost and ECU is with a short ISN of 4 digits, ISN only from DME will not helpful because the ISN stored inside CAS is a combination of EGS and DME ISN.

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BMW 8HP E Series EGS EWS Reset

Only a few models have 8hp EGS in E chassis like E70, E71 and some later E84 models. So, this 8hp EGS has ISN stored inside and it will be a long ISN apart from its 6hp counterpart that has a short ISN.

It is possible to reset these EGS on the car itself if you have donor EGS connected to the car. It can be reset with one single click from ISN manager option 3 in Autohex software. In a few minutes of procedure, EGS will be flashed and reset stored ISN.  Afterward, you can do coding for the EGS from Indiv coding to adapt the VIN and ISN from CAS.

Moreover, AutoHex can reset 8hp E series EGS on bench too.  There is on bench option provided in EGS EWS reset under on On bench menu for the 8hp E series.  Also, a clear schematic wiring diagram to connect EGS to AutoHex is given in the software, this makes the work much easier in EGS reset in one click. After the reset is done EGS can be transported and coded to the car.

BMW F and BMW G Series EGS EWS Reset:

BMW EGS 6HP Reset in BMW F series
BMW EGS 6HP Reset in BMW F series

Early F series models F01 F02 and F03 have 6HP EGS equipped. So, these EGS can be reset with AutoHex via on bench mode.  These EGS is only supported through bench mode option. Wiring diagram and all details to reset the TCU into virgin condition is available in software itself.

The whole process will take less than a minute only. Once the reset complete EGS can be programmed on car to adapt VIN from CAS.

When it comes to all other cars in F/G series all are equipped with 8HP TCUs. Autohex allows to reset when replace with used one in a convenient way of OBD mode. ISN manager option 3 in software achieves the viriginzing of EGS in a automated flashing process which can be accomplished in a single click. Afterward, it is required to program/coding of EGS to adapt VIN and ISN.

BMW EGS Reset in BMW F series
BMW EGS Reset in BMW F series

On bench process only requires donor EGS to connect with AutoHex as per the wiring diagram given in the AutoHex software. Similar to all other modes resetting here will also take few seconds with single click. This function also allows to read ISN from the EGS which is a unique function for Autohex tool. One of the advanced feature of this option is there is option to make backup from original TCU and restore that data to donor which will be like cloning EGS.

EGS EWS Reset On bench for E F and G series
EGS EWS Reset On bench for E F and G series
EWG ISN cab be shown by Autohex II
EWG ISN cab be shown by Autohex II


Last Update: 5/21/2022
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